Whats a natural way to get high without using drugs?

Answer If you want to get high, step up on a ladder. If you want euphoria drink more coffee or find a tea that has lots of caffine. I think your choice of words is misleading. Do you want to get high o... Read More »

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Whats better alchohol or illegal drugs?

If you're 15, stick with the alcohol. It's more refined (in my opinion) and there's less of a chance of, you know, like, dying. Cheaper, too; easy to get your hands on if you have older connections... Read More »

Does anyone know a natural equivalent to antibiotics drugs?

Echinacea is one of the most potent natural antibiotics:"Echinacea has been called "the natural antibiotic" and is actually more effective than antibiotics when fighting infections. The majority of... Read More »

Whats a quick fix for headaches, Without taking drugs?

the most common cause for a headache is dehydration. so drink a few pints of water. no adiitive like fuit juices or other flavourings. just ice cold tap water. drink and within a few hours you shou... Read More »

How come natural methods can't "claim" cures, but drugs can?

Because in 1994, Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. This legislation protects our right to purchase herbs, vitamins, etc. The burden of proof is now on the FDA to prov... Read More »