What's a list processor and how does it work?

Answer A 'list' is a collection of data, like an array, a matrix, etc. List processing is going through the list and doing something with each record, like sorting, searching, etc.For instance, suppose y... Read More »

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Will a game requiring a 2.0 ghz processor work with a dual core 1.4 ghz processor?

When it comes to CPU... yes, a 2.0 will work even on a single core 1.4, just slower.Mind you, "by the book" your dual-core is 1,200mhz (1.2ghz) which is "accelerated" to 1,400mhz. This makes it r... Read More »

Whats the fastest dual core processor available that will fit a 775 socket?

you need to find out what cpus your board supports such as core 2 duo, pentium dual core or core 2 quad. if its an old board i think pentium dual core may be the best it supports, my last pc was li... Read More »

Will this processor work in my PC?

Here is the CPU support list for the Inspiron 570, c man is right about requiring a bios uptadate 27VM5 AMD Phenom X4 640 3.008KDMP AMD Phenom X4 635 2.90V2PYH AMD Phenom X4 630 2.802PJ3W AMD Pheno... Read More »

Why Won't Some Programs Work With a 64-Bit Processor?

The computer industry is transitioning from traditional 32-bit processors to more advanced 64-bit processors. While the greater computing power is clearly an advantage, there are glitches in the pr... Read More »