What's a good workout for a 13yo boy, 130 lb and 5'9?

Answer The Prison Workout: A Total Body Exercise Routine Some prison inmates have nothing but a sink, a toilet, their bed, and a few square feet of space at their disposal. They need an exercise routi... Read More »

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Whats the best way to workout at home?

there are lots of diferent ones to do.if you want to get a full body work out, you should do this.if you do 50 push ups everyday, you won't get anywhere, try increasing them each day, even if you j... Read More »

Whats a quick 20 minute workout?

Is safe for my 13yo daughter?

Keep her off myspace she is too young to understand the dangerous situations she can put herself into by accessing a website that connects her to tens of millions of people.

Is this a good arm workout?

its good I would change some things that work better for meI do skull crushers and superset them with the close grip bench press with the easy curl bar... I personally hate cable rope overhead tric... Read More »