Whats a good wine to buy?

Answer red red wiiiiine!

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Is Italian wine that comes in a round bottle inside a basket good or bad wine?

I love Italian wine, especially Chianti. Some of my favorites come in a basket, called a fiasco, bottle.Opici and Mellini are very good. I haven't had the Bell'Agio in a long time, but I remember... Read More »

Whats your favourite wine ?

A sparkling white like an Asti, or champagne always does the trick bex !

Is white wine as good for you as red wine?

On One Hand: Yes, It IsAccording to the New Scientist, white wine has the same health benefits as red wine. Red wine is known for promoting heart health because it contains resveratrol, a heart hea... Read More »

Whats the proper name for a vase that you keep wine in?

What your thinking of is a Wine Decanter.This is a website Ive boughten Decanters from in the past. Take a look and see if you get an idea for one.…But if ... Read More »