What's a good website to get help with coping with cancer?

Answer has helped me a lot!Good luck! :)

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Please help!need advise from people with experience with a family member with cancer & relationships?

Cancer is a HORRIBLE disease, not only for the patient but the family too. It weighs heavily on the emotional and character of everyone affected.Sadly it is a long process and very debilitating, cr... Read More »

Having a hard time coping with my fathers death help!!!!!!!!!?

Diabetes is a very complicated disease. It is different for every person which makes it difficult to treat. For most diabetics, when there is a crisis it's because there is a big problem with the... Read More »

Need help and advice with health insurance (and cancer). Any experience with Cobra?

I am said to hear that you might have something serious, I really hope that it isn't. What ever I can do I am here even if it is just to talk. I'm sure you will have your family and your husband ... Read More »

Whats wrong with my ipod Having several problems with it please help!?

It's is a bit confusing to try and follow. If I'm understanding you can charge when using your father's white cable. So connect your ipod to your laptaop with that cable and see what happens.