Whats a good way to help sore/burning throat ?

Answer drink tea with lemon juice, and honey. the honey is thick, and will coat your throat, and help with the soreness. I like rosehip & hibiscus tea, normally found at the grocery store. It's very sweet :)

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Whats good for a sore throat?

Whats wrong with my throat/ear! Please help?

I would suggest you go back to your family doctor and have them refer another ENT specialist to obtain a second opinion. This may or not be a serious issue, so it's best you get it checked out. It'... Read More »

Whats wrong with my throat, I'm really scared, please help!?

Hmmm well, my brother had this problem too, have they tried you for an asma test?? I could be wrong but that's one of the possibilities, if I were you I would just go back to the doctors, but not a... Read More »

I don't know whats wrong with my throat, Please help! I'm unable to sing!?

my daughter suffers with this and she as told it is a nervous disorder and she has a narrow throat as well, this was by the ENT specialist and also that her throat is sending signals to the brain ... Read More »