What's a good way to get my adrenaline up?

Answer do something your afraid of break that 'oh no i don't think i can' fear!!!personally I like extreme mountain biking. Search for some local trails by you. p.s. make sure you use a mountain bike othe... Read More »

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Whats a good but cheap camcorder that takes good pictures but doesn't break easily?

You should go with Sony HDR-CX190.…It is under $200 and very good quality. It is a new 2012 model. Go check it out.

Whats a good indoor and out door camcorder with good qaulity?

I'v been a videographer for over 10 yrs. From my experience, the Sony PD-150 is an excellent and reasonably priced camera that offers good low-light sesitivity, resolution, sound, and ease-of-use. ... Read More »

How to Get an Adrenaline Rush?

Think of the word adrenaline and it conjures up an image of a bunch of testosterone-driven individuals racing, Bungy Jumping, flying off a cliff, diving into the open skies or maybe even doing some... Read More »

The adrenaline of weed?

No it's not. Weed makes you feel very relaxed and honestly you shouldn't listen to loud music when you're high. It ruins the high. It's meant to chill down, not get a rush and go crazy.