What's a good way to fall asleep?

Answer Start a routine.About an hour before I go to bed I turn the TV off, take a shower and get into bed and read for 15 minutes or so.

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Whats a good song I could fall asleep to?

Whats the best think i can do to fall asleep?

I was like you. Stay away from sleeping pills, they are addictive.The best thing ( which worked with me ) is a simple work out. Walk for an hour.. or run for an hour.. then go home and take hot sho... Read More »

How long does it take you to fall asleep. what are some tricks so fall asleep faster?

It can take me up to an hour to fall asleep. But I have noticed that If I leave the tv on with the volume down really low that helps me fall asleep. I also like the sound of a fan it is almost rela... Read More »

Good ways to fall asleep?

Here is what I do when I can't sleep:1. Play my iPod loud enough so that I can hear it through my pillow. (That way I don't have to leave the headphones in my ear. Sometimes it hurts to lay on your... Read More »