What's a good way to counter-act smoke damage from marijuana?

Answer I have been smoking weed for about 11 years. The benefits of weed are that it gets you stoned. Thats it.There are people who say “it cleans your lungs” and “it helps athsma” and “its the ... Read More »

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Is marijuana good to smoke while pregnant?

I am not a doctor but there have been some studies done on this and the results seemed to show that children whose mothers smoked marijuana while pregnant grew up to be happier, more sociable and c... Read More »

How to Restore Furniture from Smoke Damage?

Fire damage can destroy furniture reducing it to a pile of soot. Smoke damage might not destroy furniture, but it can ruin the beauty by scorching it with ugly surface soot and rendering furniture ... Read More »

How do I remove smoke damage from clothes?

SeparatingSeparate clothes into piles of light-colored and dark-colored clothing. Remove dry-clean only clothes from the clothing piles. Send dry-clean only clothes to your local dry-cleaners to re... Read More »

How to Clean Smoke Damage From Walls?

Smoke damage can occur from a variety of ways. Cigarettes and fires are the two most common causes of smoke damage to your walls. Removing smoke and soot from your walls is a relatively simple proc... Read More »