Whats a good way for popping your ears when plugged?

Answer Chewing gum

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Why are my ears always popping?

Popping ears result from an imbalance in external air pressure and air pressure inside a chamber of the middle ear trying to escape. When you move rapidly from a high-pressure to low-pressure area,... Read More »

Ears popping really confused.. help!?

You have allergies, take a Claritin, clean your ears with hydrogen poroxide and u should feel fine, if it continues consult a doctor for pescription allergie meds

How to Prevent Your Ears from Popping?

For most people, traveling by air causes uncomfortable, sometimes painful ear popping. This can also happen when climbing to or descending from a high altitude, or when diving underwater. If you tr... Read More »

My ears are plugged how do i unplug them?

If you have alot of wax buildup in your ears. you can get a wax remover kit from a drug store for your ears. or if its bad go to a doctor and they can look in your ears and remove the wax for you.w... Read More »