What's a good sweet fruity wine?

Answer White zin is about as sweet as you're going to get, inexpensive too. Moscato is inexpensive and has a distinct peach flavor, take a look here:…

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Whats a good wine to buy?

What is a fruity red wine?

Fruity red wines should not be confused with sweet wines. The flavor of fruit in a red wine is often subtle, but you might notice strong hints of strawberry or cherry, the most common fruits added ... Read More »

I need a list of sweet or fruity drinks!?

Well, I really like Mikes Hard Lemonades. They come in many different flavors. If you go to like a Dierbergs, they have a variety pack. Those are sweet. I also like wine. Go with Rieslings or Masc... Read More »

What is a sweet red wine?

While many wine snobs look down their noses at wine that is "too sweet," some sweet red wines are actually quite good, particularly when slightly chilled and enjoyed al fresco. Sweet red wines are ... Read More »