Whats a good rememdy for heavy sleepers that dont hear alarm clocks?

Answer im sorry to tell you this...but you have.....lazzyines!!!get you fat butt up!! sleep next to a window so the sun shine hits your eyes!!!you dont wake up because you dont whant to face the day!!! to... Read More »

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Whats a good movie for 18 year olds that dont have sex, drugs, swearing, or anything agains the beliefe of...?

How have alarm clocks changed?

Records of clocks with some kind of alarm mechanism begin about 1620, when most were fairly large and the alarm loud. Changes between then and February, 2010, include a trend toward smaller clocks ... Read More »

Whats that whirring I hear when I switch my computer on?

I would be willing to bet that it is an abundance of dust that has built up in either the cooling fan or the cpu fan. That can really become noisy in the same way as a computer booting up. Take the... Read More »

Where can I find alarm clocks under $4-$5?