What's a good recipe for 10 pounds of beef sausage and 2 dozen slices of bacon?

Answer I would take the beef sausage and mold it into patties and wrap each with a slice of bacon. This will grill just like filet mignon lacking only the wonderful texture of the beef in this steak.Plea... Read More »

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Pork Sausage Beef Sausage Or Turkey Sausage Which do you like better with your Eggs?

TURKEY! I do not eat pork at all! Blessings to you, Scooter!

Besides the usual Bacon, Ham, Sausage can you name 3 things that are good with Eggs?

What's a good recipe for bacon-wrapped veggie burgers?

The recipe for bacon-wrapped veggie burgers.Part 1: BaconRaise a pig in a factory farm.Feed the pig pesticide-riddled grain and soybeans.Take the pig to a slaughterhouse.Have an underpaid illegal i... Read More »

What is a good easy beef jerky recipe?

Compute the price of exactly one pound of wild bills jerky and then ask self how many pounds you could kill in a week if you had it on hand... Go, to the store and price a good food dehydrator, spe... Read More »