What's a good printer that's fairly small?

Answer I have Hp desktop D4260great little printer, small easy to run, and cheap for ink. and prints pictures great. has a fast draft setting. allows you to print with out using as much ink. I print abo... Read More »

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Whats a good trojan remover thats free?

go to or type in google 'AVG FREE EDITION' and there you go that's the best you can get for free, it rocks. Actually here's the link: just get the basic

Whats a good band, thats not very well known?

GojiraBetween the Buried and MeKaki Kingedit:Why so many thumbs down for me already?? Dude these are all great bands/artists!!! WFT!!

Whats a good and small video camera that is not expensive?

buy a digital camera that has a GOOD video thing on it :)try:wal-martzellerssearsany place like that would be good :)

Whats a good printer, for personal use,mainly black and white?

Canon or HP are good. Avoid Epsons as they are rubbish.