What's a good printer that's fairly small?

Answer I have Hp desktop D4260great little printer, small easy to run, and cheap for ink. and prints pictures great. has a fast draft setting. allows you to print with out using as much ink. I print abo... Read More »

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Whats a good and small video camera that is not expensive?

buy a digital camera that has a GOOD video thing on it :)try:wal-martzellerssearsany place like that would be good :)

What is a good color printer with a small footprint?

there are sure many photo printers that fit your needs, you only need to visit the digital cam store from amazon : for the printers section, there are hun... Read More »

Whats a good printer, for personal use,mainly black and white?

Canon or HP are good. Avoid Epsons as they are rubbish.

Can i paint my living room the reddish orange color if it is fairly small?

I agree with Lucy on painting one wall the reddish-orange color (which I love that color, by the way). Although I wouldn't put it on the wall with the window for two reasons:1. The contrast of bri... Read More »