Whats a good prank to play on my 14 year old older brother?

Answer Tell his friends that he's had loads of wet dreams recently and talks in his sleep about someone in his year at school

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What is a good prank to play on your 11 year old brother?

Well since I am a 11 year old boy I don't really like the idea of someone pranking me but no one will anytime soon or I will get them back bad well anyways if you can get a hold of his hand while h... Read More »

What are pranks to play on your older brother?

You can plan whatever prank on your brother that you would want your brother to play on you. If you give it, be prepared to take it. you can take his shampoo and put your body spray and your shampo... Read More »

Whats A good Prank Call?

prank calling is just plain dumb..! what does the "101" stand're IQ??????????

Which pair of sibling relation is most complicated - 2 brothers or 2 sisters or older brother - little sister or little brother - older sister?

I come from a family of 13..... 7 girls 6 boys same two parents....... I sit at number ten grew up with my two sisters above me 9 and 8 and a set off twin boys 11 and 12 and the youngest lucky numb... Read More »