What's a good name for a tumblr url & blog?

Answer if you like sparckaly stuff, i would recomend this so much!! could do stuff like, Nutella slut..or just stuff like that, indie and fashion is hard to find a good name fo... Read More »

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Whats a good tumblr blog title?

ToastedBagles is cute, i thinkAnd also friedoreosorry for the whole food thing, lol

How Do I Change The Name Of My Blog On Tumblr?

Depends on what you're talking about?If you mean the address, go to Settings.If you mean the title on the blog, go to Customize.

I need a tumblr blog name?

if you are looking for review tumbler blog here are few name i can suggestenternamentandartsartsreviewsartistier

What is a good url for a band blog on tumblr?