Whats a good meat to mix in kraft mac n cheese?

Answer Ham is good or both lil smokies and ham. hamburger isnt all that tasty. I mix mac and cheese, peas and ham and green onion. Its really good especially when baked

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Is Kraft Macaroni & Cheese have REAL cheese ?

Calories in Kraft Mac n cheese (cheese packet)?

without the cheese, its just noddles.1 cup of plain macaroni has 182 calories.If you add milk and butter, you have to count that too and the calorie information for that is on the packages of milk ... Read More »

Are kraft blue cheese crumbles kosher?

Kraft blue cheese crumbles are not certified kosher by any rabbinical agency. Unless the cheese is made by a Jewish individual or company who ensures all utensils and ingredients are kosher, it can... Read More »

Can you freeze Kraft sliced American cheese?

The best cheeses to freeze are semi-hard and hard cheeses such as cheddar, provolone and Swiss. Kraft sliced American cheese can be classified as a semi-hard cheese. Keep the cheese slices in their... Read More »