What's a good meal to cook for my girlfriend after she's been in the hospital?

Answer Soup made with small bits of meat and vegetables and soft pasta, lima beans or rice-- light, easy to digest and healthy. So are green pea soup, lentil soup, mixed vegetable soup. Yogurt, custard pu... Read More »

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What should I cook for my girlfriend after she's just gotten back from the Hospital?

You can always make a vegetable soup for her with vegetable stock. Or make a pureed soup with lots of veggies.Mashed potatoes might also be good.I'm thinking soft, bland foods will be good because... Read More »

Good meal to cook for my husband on first day of marriage?

pick your favs: meatballs: MEAT: -2 lb meat -1 onion -2 cloves garlic -2 eggs -1 cup breadcrumbs SAUCE: -10 oz grape jelly -3 cups marinara sauce -1/2 cup tomato juice -4 tbsp lemon juice -1/2 cup ... Read More »

Whats a good meal plan?

40 percent carb, 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat

I want to cook a 2 course meal for my boyfriend tomorrow (main and dessert); got any good recipes/ideas?

How about cooking some plain/ brown rice and serving it with prawns in cream cheese sauce. Fro the prawns, chop a few cloves of garlic and sauté them in olive oil. Just as they start changing colo... Read More »