Whats a good idea for a 15th birthday party?

Answer -You can have a "Spa" party where you all do your nails and you could buy those face masks packs at like stop and shop and target I think they are only a dollar each or something.-If you and your f... Read More »

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What are some Good party ideas for a 15th birthday party?

I don't know where you live, but here in O.C./West Coast, we have a fun dance club for underage. They reserve for parties all the time & everyone seems to enjoy it! I agree, movies have been overdo... Read More »

What are some good 15th birthday party ideas for a girl?

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Is a mad hatter tea party a good 16th birthday party idea?

well, that's pretty interesting... but make it formal and not so alice on wonderland style... it is pretty unusual for a girl to want such a formal theme, since nowadays, most girls want something ... Read More »

Is this a good birthday party idea?

i think it sounds like a great idea. i don't know if you should make them all wear dresses though, it's only your 13th birthday party. I can see maybe for like 16th birthday party, having them dres... Read More »