Whats a good free firewall that allows Approve/Deny functions (for connections)?

Answer Comodo Internet securityLast ime i checked it was still free and you can set the firewall to ask for permission on all apps{ just like those damn securitt pop-ups in vista} LOL

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What port on the firewall do you open for remote desktop connections?

A firewall helps protect a computer from unwanted outside access. Most firewalls are configured to allow the sender to send out information unrestricted but restrict the information coming into the... Read More »

Whats a good free way i can watch tv without having a tv?

Well I watch some of my shows on]

Whats a good trojan remover thats free?

go to or type in google 'AVG FREE EDITION' and there you go that's the best you can get for free, it rocks. Actually here's the link: just get the basic

Whats a good site or program (hopefully free)?

Well here are a couple of good and free resources for training and getting starting with Photoshop CS6 (as well as the rest of the suite)... Which one is better for you will depend on whether you ... Read More »