Whats a good excuse for deleting someone on facebook?

Answer "I just felt like it"orIf they ask why you deleted them or something be all like :"Wow, I didn't even notice you were gone, maybe facebook is having problems...again"

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Whats a good excuse for speeding in a car whilst wearing a gimp suit and handcuffs?

NO excuse ! Hand in your licence and catch the bus, as you clearly haven't enough sense to drive a vehicle !!

Whats a good proxy site to get onto facebook at school?

Any of these firewalls and network security devices can detect a proxy as soon as you connect to it. All they have to do to determine if it is a proxy or a web site it to try and connect themselves... Read More »

Whats a good microphone for someone who isnt very loud?

Any mic will work for someone with a soft voice. They will just need to get closer to the mic. A USB mic should work great:…

Deleting my facebook soon?

You Can Send a Message to All your Friends on Facebook And Let them Know that your Leaving and Give them your Email Or Any Other Contact Method in A Message