What's a good example of a long-standing Wikipedia mistake?

Answer You may not have heard of Mike Ilitch, but you've probably heard of Little Caesar's Pizza, and the Detroit Tigers, and the Detroit Red Wings. Ilitch is the owner of all three organizations.In July... Read More »

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I Was standing on my knees, and then felt a sharp pain on it. Whats going on?

How long was you standing? Perhaps you damaged the meniscus? Although it'd be odd to get the injury in both knees at the same time.. but if the pain appears in one knee only it's posssible.

Whats the Difference between slide-in and free standing in kitchen stoves?

slide-in the top sides sits on top of the counter and has no legs,free standing has legs on it Oops, a slide-in range does have legs. The main difference is that the top of the range (deck) overhan... Read More »

Can anyone show me an example of a non-reliable/false Wikipedia article?

One most prominent example is Indian Mathematics. For the longest time several admins and moderators of Indian background were protecting and promoting pro-India false information in this article. ... Read More »

Can you give JUST ONE example of Wikipedia getting a fact wrong?

It said that Michael Jackson got a degree at Bringum Young University for over 9 months.There is also this:Rush Limbaugh who 'hates' wikipedia was FOOLED BY IT!