What's a good drink mix to go with rubbing alcohol?

Answer i drink that all the time because i'm jobless.all you do is add lots of ice and a jolly rancher. tastes just like kool aid!

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Can you drink rubbing alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol, also referred to as rubbing alcohol, is a household product not intended for physical ingestion. Drinking rubbing alcohol can cause blindness and in some instances, death. Ingest... Read More »

Can you drink rubbing alcohol as an internal disinfectant?

Do NOT Drink Rubbing Alcohol It can cause blindness. Rubbing alcohol is "wood alcohol", not the same chemical as grain alcohol. Don't drink it!Rubbing alcohol is POISONOUS to drink!

What would happen if you drink a cap full of rubbing alcohol?

A cap full would probably just make you hurl. I knew a woman years ago who drank herself to death and near the end she was drinking rubbing alcohol. It's about the same as drinking pure grain alc... Read More »

What's the difference between green rubbing alcohol vs white rubbing alcohol?