What's a good digital camera for under $1,200?

Answer my brother was really into photography (in know, crunch granola with the trees blah blah blah - like you :P) and i am not sure what model it was, but he got one of the canon digital SL... Read More »

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Whats a digital camera worth getting under 100 dollars?

Please consider using ebay. Last years 200$ camera is now a 70$ camera on ebay. They work nice. Stick with name brand usually. Or ask your friends and find one like theirs on ebay.

Whats a good Digital Camera to buy?

I have a Kodak Easy Share digital camera. Great photos, easy to use, not too expensive. And it uses the SD cards, and many computers now have an SD slot built right in!Where to get one in the UK?... Read More »

Whats a good digital camera?

Nicon? It's NIKON!Cannon? It's Canon!What is it with the Spelling?The Canon powershot Sd1100 would be a perfect little camera, my friend has one, and it's a great camera, fast, sharp, and accurate:... Read More »

Good digital camera under $600?

$600 will only get you into an entry level Canon or Nikon which are quality cameras, but for handling ease of operation, viewfinder comfort, stabilization built in to camera body rather than each l... Read More »