What's a good dessert I can make for at least 30 people?

Answer These are quick and very easy to make,Chocolate SpiderI x packet of plain fried noodles.3 tablespoons of crunchie peanut butter200grams of chocolate.and you can split the noodles and do half milk c... Read More »

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Whats the best simple but elegant dessert to make at a new years eve diner party?

Yummy but very calorie loaded.I pint double cream whipped until stiff.500g chocolat, dark, milk, or white (my favorite) melted until very runny/Whip the cream until thikened, but not yet firm, then... Read More »

Is there dessert in paleo recipes because I think prehistoric people didn't know about dessert.?

I think you are missunderstand about paleo recipe or paleo dietary. It is not the real prehistoric food! It's just healthy foods that useing good natural ingredients, cooked in a healthy higienic p... Read More »

What is an easy dessert to make for approximately 30 people?

Go to costco or sam's club and get something premade. that's the easiest, i'm all for easy.

What kind of fruit is best to make dessert And what is your favorite dessert?