Whats a good daily diet from monday through sunday?

Answer Don't get too deep with this 'plan'. You know what's good for you.Complex carbs, protein, low fat dairy, fruits and example of a healthy diet plan:sliced fruit with low fat natural yog... Read More »

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Whats a good way to get your daily water?

Is everybody getting drunk on Sunday cos you don't have to go to work on Monday!!?

Why do Americans think everyone is from there? We can have our own holidays- she hasn't got the wrong day for 'Labour Day' whatever that is- it's a bank holiday in the UK!

How or where can you purchase a DVD of the two part special black magic showed on ESPN Sunday and monday?

ESPN Classic aired the documentary. A DVD will be available for purchase (2 DVD set) in the fall. Go to the ESPN website and look under ESPN Classic. The cost of the set has not yet been determined.

If you change jobs on a Friday in the middle of the month and start your new job on Monday will you have to do something to cover Saturday and Sunday?

Answer Your old job should cover you to the end of the month. You'll have to check on when your new coverage starts. There is usually always COBRA to fill in the gap.