What's a good anti-virus scanner?

Answer Here are two good free Anti-Virus solutions:AVG - AVG has been producing and giving away a free version of their software for years. I personally use AVG and I like their products so much that I've... Read More »

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Whats the best free anti-virus software/scanner today?

remove AVG and download AVIRAAVIRA has the highest detection rate of all the free scanners it easly beats AVG and AVASTsafe Avira link…

What is a good anti virus scanner?

Virus Detection and Removal:Most antivirus programs can not scan, repair or remove file that are in use. So a normal scan of your computer while the operating system is running can miss many virus... Read More »

Whats a good free anti spyware/scanner program?

Hi MarrissaGet AVAST. It is the best trojan and anti-virus and we programmers, use it exclusively . You won't need spyware and other softwre it. It is all that you will need . Period.Here is the li... Read More »

Whats the best anti virus protector and anti spyware to have and are free to download,i have trojans and bobax?

Hi, there are many good answers and references here. I will try to summarize and give you one list but it is based on my personal preference and use (and they're all free):1-AVG anti-virus (esp. if... Read More »