Whats a girl?

Answer i dunno :Da girl has 2 things on their chest

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Whats the episode of Cold Case is where the sweet girl befriends the goth guy and is forced to kiss a girl to join the cheerleaders?

I'm pretty sure that's the episode called "stand up and hollar" I think.

Whats a good motorcycle for a girl?

Try out the Yamaha Viragos--I had one. They are good for us shorter people because they are slung low in the seat. Another plus--they are affordable.

Whats hottterr on a girl guyss answer :)?

short hair or long hairnormal nailsno make up or very littlei don't know the difference. =\ no piercing!!!lipglossstraight hairboth.

Guys, Whats Your Ideal Girl?

Sup, fool. Still asking silly questions on here I see. Hah.I like your new avatar. Keep it. My type of girl? Any girl who DOESN'T like the Hawkies suckies would be good :)