Whats a french bracket on a keyboard?

Answer { } otherwise known as a "squiggly bracket"

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How to Get French Letters on an English Keyboard?

French letters are alphabet letters that are unique to the French language. These letters have extra symbols added to letters that English speakers are familiar with. Traditional QWERTY keyboards o... Read More »

How to Type French Accents on an English Keyboard?

The accent over certain letters in French language words changes the sound of the letter and the pronunciation of the word. If you use French words in documents or emails, then you might want to in... Read More »

Whats Wrong with my Keyboard?

The cheapest and easiest solution is to buy a new keyboard...Shop around on the Internet for the best deals...Good luck!

Whats a qwerty keyboard?

Don't know, never seen or used oneupdate: can't believe everyone else answered this question seriously....oh well, my mistake.