Whats a cure for hearburn i can find around the house?

Answer Baking sodaHeartburn is caused by excess acid. Vinegar is acidic, will just make it worse.Level tablespoon, (depending on your weight) in a 12 oz glass of water. Stir, drink, ahhhh...relief!

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Whats the best cure for a hangover!?

Can anyone tell me whats the best cure for a hangover?

A couple vitamian B-1 and C are a good start... also a light morning meal is good too.... like scrambled eggs, toast and some juice!

Whats the best cure of insomia?

Homeopathic Treatment for Sleeplessness / Insomnia, due to different reason and with different set of symptoms (No side effects or interaction with conventional drugs and totally non addictive) :- ... Read More »

Whats the best way to cure a hangover?

I read this once in a magazine and it really helps. Pedialyte!!!! I'm sure you have heard of it. It's the drink you give to children when they are sick from dehydration. Which for us partiers is a ... Read More »