What's a better entry-level certification into medicine; CNA or PCT?

Answer You have to become a CNA before you can become a CNA. A PCT is just a CNA with more training. Training such as phlebotomy, ekg, and CPR. Hospitals hire PCT so the pay would be higher. The pay u... Read More »

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What certification does the department of defense use as a baseline certification for management level one for the army?

the answer is 5 hours because when we add the two secretaries the first one will be done typing in 6 hours and the other is 4 hours so if we add the two of them so 6 hours plus 4 hours is equals t... Read More »

Does security certification satisfy the ia bbp for iam level ii and iam level iii?

No. According the the DODD 8570, the following certs apply for IAM: IAM Level I - CAP, GISF,GSCL, Security+ IAM Level II - CAP,GSLC, CISM, CISSP (or Associate) IAM Level III - GSLC, CISM,CISSP (... Read More »

What is an Entry level airman?

Which entry-level DSLR should I go for?

All DSLR's will meet those criteria (image stabilisation may be in the lens or in the camera body - there are pro's & cons of both).Your best bet is to go into a camera store & try out a few models... Read More »