What's a better combination, donuts and milk Orrr, soda and skittles?

Answer better, as in health? or general yumminess?? lol..for me it would be the donuts and milk for yumminess and they would also qualify for health due to the milk (calcium and vitamin d!)there are alwa... Read More »

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Who has better donuts krispy kreme or dunkin donuts?

Personel preferences will out;Had both, prefer Krispy to Mr. Or Dunkin.

Which 1 do you like better Coke orrr....Pepsi?

They are both used as engine degreaser by the companies that supply them. Tru Dat

Whats a Better Soda Coke, Fanta or Sprite?

In order from the worst to best:1:Coke (However weird this sounds, I hate it.)2: Sprite (I really like it, but it only comes in one flavor.)3: Fanta (It is really good and comes in many flavors.)

Whats better, Milk or Water?

water...its so refreshing...but then again milk goes great with oreo cookies!!