What's a better alternative to soda?

Answer The brand "Izze" is really good. It taste just like a soda, but it's accually juice. It's a really good sparkling juice. I defiantly recommend it! You can get it at true foods and walmart. K well I... Read More »

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Whats a Better Soda Coke, Fanta or Sprite?

In order from the worst to best:1:Coke (However weird this sounds, I hate it.)2: Sprite (I really like it, but it only comes in one flavor.)3: Fanta (It is really good and comes in many flavors.)

Does soda taste better in a can or a bottle whats your opinion?

Why does fountain soda taste better than canned or bottled soda?

What you are stating as fact, is actually only your own opinion.Fountain drinks can be worse if the machines are not kept calibrated.I like an ice cold pop poured over ice just as much, or even str... Read More »

Which is better to drink, clear soda or dark soda?

By general rule the more clarity of the drink, the easier it is for your kidneys and liver to process it...Water is good obviously, sprite, 7 up, even lighter sodas such as mountain dew and sierra ... Read More »