What's a REALLY great tea one would recommend?

Answer I am firmly convinced that there is a tea for everyone. With your description, you'd need some added sour flavor to your tea; it's a good thing that black tea with citrus is a very popular combina... Read More »

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Can you recommend a really great pair of headphones?

Bose 41217 will feel as if you are on the mixing board in the studio or in concert

What DVD movies would you recommend with great surround sound (5.1)?

I see some of my suggestions have been mentioned, I'll jsut re-iterate a bit ;)Lord of the Rings series (Esp Return of the King)New Star Wars moviesThe Matrix Movies, esp first one.New War of the W... Read More »

I'm looking for a really good digital camera. Can anyone recommend one they have or would buy £300 max?

I have recently purchased an Olympus 700 All weather digital camera it is a 7.1Megapixel camera and I have to say that it is without doubt the best camera I have ever ownedThere are so many setting... Read More »

What would you be to someone if your great great grandfather married someone's great great grandmother?

Your mother's boyfriend is out of line and has no business to talk in the way he has. If you and her boyfriend do not get along because you don't like him he will take offense to this, but it gives... Read More »