Whats a Better Soda Coke, Fanta or Sprite?

Answer In order from the worst to best:1:Coke (However weird this sounds, I hate it.)2: Sprite (I really like it, but it only comes in one flavor.)3: Fanta (It is really good and comes in many flavors.)

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Whats better, Coke, Fanta, Sprite, or Pepsi?

Coke/Pepsi , Fanta, 7-up,Sprite,Limca or Maaza - Which is the best according to you ?

Is ginger ale a soda Like sprite, coke?

It's like sprite and other lemon lime drinks

Do you prefer natural juice or soda( sprite, coke )? era viviado em refrigerantes...mas eles me ocasionaram gastrite, hj prefiro sucos naturais..e gosto de fazer misturas, tipo laranja com cenoura...abacaxi com laranja ,...laranja com mama... Read More »