Whats Wrong with my Keyboard?

Answer The cheapest and easiest solution is to buy a new keyboard...Shop around on the Internet for the best deals...Good luck!

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Whats wrong with my wireless keyboard?

If you still have a CD that came with it, reinitialize it. Run the CD and then reboot your computer. I have a Logitech mouse that does the same thing, and it drives me INSANE. I have to turn off... Read More »

What's wrong with my keyboard?

If your keyboard is doing that, then I just think it's broken or a dud. Keyboards aren't that expensive, and if you do have to buy a new one I suggest you buy an apple one. Their keyboards are nice... Read More »

Something's wrong with my keyboard?

pressing the [Insert] button toggles "overwrite" function in some text box. That means if you move the cursor typed letters and type, it will overwrite the text.

What is wrong with my keyboard?

Aw! OMG that sucks... :(I have no idea! I hope it works! That's terrible!! :\Maybe there's some dust in it or something? Um, did you spill anything on it?