What's Wrong With My Hand, It Hurts PLEASE HELP!?

Answer You should see a doctor if it's not better! It could be serious.....!?!?! It sounds fractured or it could be a small break and it's not good at all to leave un-treated.

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My ear hurts! whats wrong?

Anytime blood or discharge is coming out of places it is not supposed to it is serious. Go to a doctor or emergency at a hospital today! If it is an ear infection, it is serious. There are very ... Read More »

Sometimes i get boners so bad it hurts, whats wrong?

You need to have a lot of gay sex it is the only way man!

Whats wrong with my hand?

Sounds like exhaustion.Drink lots of water & get some sleep, young lady!

I am 13 you have had stomach cramps and headaches for years you have adhd depression panic attacks low weight and am never hungryi have vision hearing problemsi am shortmy rib hurts whats wrong?

ive read your problem and i think you or one of your parents should go on this site: this site is about flower remedies that helps most of your pro... Read More »