Whats Wrong! Girls that know what there talking about help!?

Answer 1.=You're probs dizzy cos of number 4's symptom2.=Well whatever this is it ain't linked to ya other's too much of a random body part in my op!3.=Lower right abdominal pain...hmmm OK we... Read More »

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Whats wrong with girls with a bit of meat on them x?

I agree with you .....110% I do not find "boy hips" at all attractive, women with curves looks so much better! Some women are naturally thin , others are natural with a "little more meat." As lo... Read More »

My baby boy is 2 and is not talking could something be wrong?

Something could be wrong. We don't know for sure. He could have autism.

My boyfriend has leukemia and I keep going days without talking to him thinking he is dead. Is this wrong?

Think about if you were the one diagnosed with something life threatening. Wouldn't you want all the support you could get? You shouldn't rely on word of mouth from other people to know if your boy... Read More »

Whats your techinique for avoiding talking to the chuggers?

I just say "I don't give autographs in the street contact my agent" that gets them thinking.