Whats Wrong! Girls that know what there talking about help!?

Answer 1.=You're probs dizzy cos of number 4's symptom2.=Well whatever this is it ain't linked to ya other's too much of a random body part in my op!3.=Lower right abdominal pain...hmmm OK we... Read More »

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How to convince my mom that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to makeup?

Why on earth do you have seven brushes? Yeah, they do different things, but many of them are multipurpose. I have four brushes and could easily do without two of them. You can get one eyeshadow bru... Read More »

Help please i dont know whats wrong with me?

Perhaps you need more digestive enzymes from more fruit and vegetables to improve your digestion.Yogurt or other probiotics often help as well.

Help! my dryer is broke! do you know whats wrong with it?

If you want to waste an extra $75 then go ahead and call a service tech.Fixing a dryer is one of the easiest home repair jobs you can do. All you need is a little courage. But what's the risk any... Read More »

Really dont know whats wrong me with. help?

Um seriously why r u asking this? Go take a pregnancy test.