What's RGB and PAL settings and what do they do?

Answer PAL is the television system used mainly in Europe, and some Asian countries. In the US its NTSC and if I recall correctly SECAM only in France. RGB is the video output to pc monitors.(red,green,b... Read More »

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Can't turn off captions on direct tv hd dlp all settings say they are off but they appear anyway?

Whats the best settings for the samsung LE32M86BD lcd screen?

I've just had the same problems with the 46" version - I'll see if I can find the link to the solution I eventually used, they're bound to be similar. Hang on ...Edit: Here you go, try this: htt... Read More »

How can I change my firewall settings back Whats a group policy?

1. Press WinKey + L together and switch users. If Administrator doesn't appear, then shut down your Laptop. Wait for 2 minutes out of safety. Turn it on again, and then press repetitively on F8 key... Read More »

HELP! how do you use ISO settings on a digital camera, like, when do you use what settings?

ISO is simply a measurement of the sensitivity to light of a light sensitive surface, either film or digital sensor. It is 1/3 of the Exposure Triangle, the other 2/3 being Aperture (aka f-stop) an... Read More »