What's Going To Happen To Me!!! :(?

Answer Allergic reactions are generally all the same. Depending on the severity of your allergy it could be a small rash, hives, larger effected areas, throat swelling, and obviously in the worst case dea... Read More »

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Whats going to happen on the Facebook attack on november 5th?

nothing to users, only to fb itself, which will be taken down for the day by Anonymous, read more here…

Whats this virus/worm thats going to happen on april 1st?

The worm you are talking about is the HIGHLY DANGEROUS, evolved version of the Conficker worm, called 'Conficker C' which was recently given the nickname "April Fool's Worm".What it does is that it... Read More »

What's going to happen?

Im not sure if they will give it to you or you have to pay for it.It probably still from the water damage u probably could get it repaired again

Is Bird Flu going to happen or not?

Bird flu is technically 'happening' already - it is infectious between birds and is sometimes passed to people.However, the virus has not evolved to be able to pass from person to person, and if it... Read More »