Whats Are Some Good Cameras?

Answer Coolpix P7000 - Full manual control, RAW capabilities, etc etc. $229 on amazon.

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What are some good cameras?

What you really need is a good dSLR which can shoot at ISO's of 3200 with low noise and a fast zoom lens like a 24-70 mm f/2.8 AND about five years experience shooting the performing arts.Minimum ... Read More »

What are some good digital cameras?

You are in a corner. All the memory cards you have only work on other Sony'sSo, you have a choice ... buy a newer, better Sony or buy a nice new camera that uses the nearly industry standard SD / ... Read More »

What are some good Canon digital cameras?

If I had my pick, I'd go with the 1DX. It is superior in every way to the T3i.

Whats is the difference between film based cameras and digital cameras?

now Danielle is writing this :) digital cameras might seem better but are they?? They might be easier to use but they are actually harder because you have to focus them while the digital one is eas... Read More »