Whatll happen when I mix cranberry, green tea and magnesium pills?

Answer The pills will get wet.>

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How many cranberry pills to take for UTI?

Generally cranberry won't cure a UTI, it just isnt strong enough. If you want to take something like cranberry that will cure it, look for an ingredient called d-mannose. It is 10 times stronger th... Read More »

Can you drink cranberry pills while pregnant?

Yes unless your doctor has advised you not to do so. Taking cranberry pills with a large glass of water gives you the benefits without the calories or stomach upset some women get during pregnancy.

Does cranberry pills cure a current UTI or what can i take?

If a UTI is a blatter infection, the cranberry doesn't cure it. Cranberries help prevent them. what you do now is drink loads, preferable sour things like citrus fruit juice (orange, lemon, grapefr... Read More »

What kind of pills can you use when iam at one month pregnant and iam not using any pills?

Birth control pills? No. If you intend to abort do it properly and safely and get yourself to a clinic like Planned Parenthood where you can discuss all your options with medical professionals. Th... Read More »