Whatever happened to that Wikipedia movie?

Answer Here's what I've heard:The movie was mentioned in the 2007-08 Wikipedia fund drive video (the one that was publicly criticized because of co-founder Jimmy Wales wringing his hands and blinking his ... Read More »

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Whatever happened to that Zima drink?

I'd like to think that people learned how to drink proper beverages like craft beers and fine whiskey, but the actual answer probably is "Mike's Hard Lemonade."

Whatever happened to that fifth dentist who never approved of Trident sugarless gum?

A squirrel crawled up his leg and bit him in the nuts. Haven't you seen the commercial?

That last bottle of '96 Bollinger was simply not up to snuff - whatever has happened to their standards?

You shouldn't have passed on the 2011 Brass Monkey, but then, this exemplary reserve is bottled strictly for those of us who are in possession of a discriminatingly sophisticated palate. I'm not su... Read More »

Whatever happened to Big Bird?

Sesame Street is celebrating 40th anniversity