What your personal favorite beer?

Answer Wow, a lot of these answers are crap. Why are you answering questions about beer if you like Bud Light better than all others? Clearly you don't know much about the potential complexities of this w... Read More »

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Poll for beer drinkers: What is your favorite beer?

when and if i drink beer, mgd, or corona!♥

Beer drinkers poll: What is your favorite beer?

Stella Artois. (I just stick to the Italian beer) orPresidente (From Dominican Republic, yes, they also have their own beer) LOL !!!!!!!!

What is the limit for making beer for personal consumption in oklahoma?

One may not legally make beer for personal use in Oklahoma, though there is a move to amend the law. Making beer is legal federally, but states still have to pass a law making it legal in their sta... Read More »

What is the KKK's favorite beer?

Bud LightMiller LiteKeystone LightBudNatural IcePabst Blue RibbonAnything a redneck would buy.