What your favourite thing for breakfast?

Answer A nice fry up...on weekends only...not very good for ur heart though

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What's your favourite food for breakfast?

One very cold can of Coca-Cola with a cigarette! :-DKids, don't do this at home!

What is your favourite breakfast item?

Buttermilk biscuits: with honey or jamwith butterwith peanut butterwith sausage gravydry, dipped in coffeeas a sandwich with eggs , bacon or bothas a sandwich with hamwith sweet cream & fruit

What's the best thing to have for breakfast?

Uaisn Bolt reportedly had a whole bunch of chicken Mcnuggets the morning he smashed the 100m world record. Although Bolt is an extremely talented natural athlete there is something interesting in ... Read More »

What is the best thing to have for breakfast?

do you mean better for health?? if that, then: fruits r fruit juice, cereals, milk or cofee and milk,,