What your favorite Caribbean Dish?

Answer favorite Jamaican--akee and saltfishfavorite Dominican ---a drink- morir sonandofavorite Cuban--diplomatic pudidingfavorite Puerto Rican---pasteles!

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What would you do if you found out your favorite chinese restaurant used cats in your favorite dish?

I'd applaud the restaurant for taking cat meat and making a great dish out of it!Also, I'd wonder what happened to the pelts. Did that fur end up in P Diddy's clothing line?

What is your favorite moment from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series?

I love the beginning of At Worlds End when they are all singing before being hanged. I constantly sing that song every once in a while without even realizing it.But my all time favorite moment is E... Read More »

Harry Potter, Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean or The Lord of the Rings: what is your favorite saga?

I would not refer to the Twilight series as a saga in any way, shape or form.I'm afraid that I would have to say Harry Potter, as I grew up with it in a way unlike any other series and watched it e... Read More »

What's your favorite dish ?