What you think How to treat a hyper extended knee?

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Symptoms of a Hyper Extended Knee?

Yes, it sounds like you might have hyperextended your knee.

What Are The Symptoms of a Hyper Extended Knee Please Help?

Yes, you may have injured your knee by hyperextending it. But the way you describe the symptoms makes me think that it could also be a strained hamstring muscle in the back of your leg.Your knee h... Read More »

Why does my knee hurt when it is extended even if there is no pressure on it?

Hmm where exactly on the knee does it hurt? You might have done something to the IT band, which runs along the outside of your thigh and connects to the tendon of the knee. I would say go see a phy... Read More »

How to treat my knee?

I would ice on/off every 20 mins for an hour, and see how that does. Some otc anti inflammatory meds. Give it a few more days, and take it easy. If it's not better, head to the ortho dr.