What you should know about an employer before the interview?

Answer Anyone who has a job has interviewed at some point in their career. However, every time an individual searches for a new job, she must go through the interviewing process all over again. Whether on... Read More »

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What should I know about Asus before I buy one of their laptops?

Honestly there aren't many cons to ASUS. They are a great company and make great products and are just about as direct as you can get. What most people don't realize is that places like HP, Dell, T... Read More »

What Tips Should Be Considered Before Entering the Interview?

Economic recovery has been a slow process, and the inflated job market doesn't make finding employment any easier. Getting an interview is an accomplishment in itself, but you will have only a fe... Read More »

What should you know for an apple store interview?

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What should i wear and know when i go to my interview for Great America?

Dress for success. Definitely wear a nice outfit. It is not the prom, but look sharp. Make good eye contact. When you speak, forget the slang. We all were there once upon a time. You'll be fine.