What you need to know about selling life insurance?

Answer People go into sales careers for their income potential. Life insurance may either be sold as an individual product or integrated within an overall financial planning package. Good life insurance s... Read More »

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Ethical Dilemmas With Selling Life Insurance?

Obtaining life insurance protects families from the worst financial effects of a death in the family. While many agents (also called producers) rightly take pride in this aspect of the work, ethica... Read More »

Is selling a life insurance policy a security?

Most life insurance policies are term policies, which are not considered securities, because their value does not go up and down with the market. Universal and variable life policies are securities... Read More »

Typical Questions While Selling Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a financial product that protects your client's family. It provides a death benefit in the event that he dies prematurely. This death benefit pays for his financial obligations, w... Read More »

Can bad credit stop you from selling life insurance?

Insurance companies quite often use credit scores and other information about a potential agent to determine if they would like to bring that person on as a producer. Bad credit may influence an ag... Read More »