What you need to know about selling life insurance?

Answer People go into sales careers for their income potential. Life insurance may either be sold as an individual product or integrated within an overall financial planning package. Good life insurance s... Read More »

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What do I need to know about home insurance?

Part of owning a home requires protecting it from unforeseen danger by purchasing homeowners insurance. However, read the fine print and shop around for a policy because most of them do not cover e... Read More »

What you need to know about a car insurance adjuster?

The car insurance adjuster is the first person that a claimant may meet after an insurance claim has been filed. The adjuster meets with all parties involved in a claim to be sure that the policies... Read More »

What liability insurance do you need for selling candles?

Liability Insurance If you are selling the candles from home and not making them yourself you can obtain a home business insurance policy, also referred to as small business insurance.

Is selling a life insurance policy a security?

Most life insurance policies are term policies, which are not considered securities, because their value does not go up and down with the market. Universal and variable life policies are securities... Read More »