What you need to become a professional chef?

Answer Professional chefs prepare food and supervise culinary workers in restaurants, hotels and banquet facilities. Professional chefs may also choose to specialize in preparing gourmet dishes at special... Read More »

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What does it take to become a professional chef?

There are a number of ways that a person can become a chef. The options include, obtaining an education from a professional cooking school, training as a junior chef in a commis chef position or wo... Read More »

I really need a low price professional camera or a semi professional one. I need someone to suggest some.?

Camera? This question is in the camcorder forum...First, define "professional" grade. In my book, that means a lens filter diameter of 70mm or bigger (for low light behavior), low compression video... Read More »

The Description of a Professional Chef?

The professional chef is by definition, the "chief" of a restaurant kitchen, solely responsible for the entirety of the operations within. To achieve this task requires a lot of time; long hours, w... Read More »

How much does a professional chef make?

A professional chef works in a kitchen and is in charge of managing the rest of the kitchen staff. According to, as of May 2010, the average salary earned by a professional chef was be... Read More »